Function painter:show draws string string using the current font.

When called with a single string argument string, this function draws the specified text starting from the current point. After displaying each glyph, the current point is adjusted with a displacement computed from the font's glyph-spacing information. The behavior of this function is undefined when the current point is not set.

When called with more arguments, this function draws the text string within the rectangle specified by the origin (x,y), the width w, and the heigth h. Argument textflags is then a string composed by concatenating a subset of the following keywords separated by a vertical bar "=|=" symbolizing a or operator: AlignLeft, AlignRight, AlignTop, AlignBottom, AlignHCenter, AlignVCenter, AlignCenter, AlignJustify. TextSingleLine, TextExpandTabs, TextShowMnemonic, TextWordWrap.

See also: PostScript operator show.