Ronan Collobert
Designed the Torch5 system. Author of the torch core package. Implemented Matlab-like operations with the lab package. Implemented neural networks with the nn package. Implemented random package for random number generation. Integrated the Lua posix package in Torch5. Provided classical machine learning measure with the ml package. Wrote the help package.

Samy Bengio
Implemented distributions (GMM, HMM...) with the distr package. Implemented non-parametric algorithms (Parzen, KNN) in the np package. Wrote the speech package which allows speech applications.

Leon Bottou
Implemented QT Lua and graphics packages for powerful multi-platform GUI and graphics.

Jason Weston
Author of the plotting gfx package. Provided image manipulations functions with the image package. Implemented the tables gradient machines in the neural network nn package. Wrote most of the doc of lab and nn packages.

Iain Melvin
Author of the lcairo package, which provides a Cairo backend to Torch5. Integrated the mpeg2 library in Torch5 through the mpeg2 package.

Special Thanks...
... to the following people:
Leon Bottou and Yann Le Cun
The Tensor class design and the gradient machines are strongly inspired from their SN library now available as the Lush library.
Florent Monay
Designed the beautiful Torch logo.