Torch5 is mainly made out of ANSI C and Lua, which makes it easy to compile everywhere. The graphical interface is now based on QT and requires a C++ compiler.

The installation process became easily portable on most platforms, thanks to CMake, a tool which replace the aging configure/automake tools. CMake allows us to detect and configure Torch properly.

You will find here step-by-step instructions for each system we are supporting.

You are also strongly encouraged to read the CMake hints section for more details on CMake (and before reporting a problem).

If official Torch packages are not enough, you might want to install some of the contrib packages. If you are a programmer, you might even want to produce your own development package.


  1. Linux
  2. MacOS X
  3. Cygwin
  4. Windows
  5. CMake hints
  6. Contrib packages
  7. Development Torch packages